June 9, 2003

Office As Vampire

- love my home office. It's got most of what I need within easy reach. It's pretty comfortable, and it's somewhat configurable. The kids have their own space, and Margaret's usable workspace has quadrupled.

But sitting here in the morning, I almost never have any ideas about what to post in the blog. The office is like an idea-sucking vampire. Maybe it's because it's comfortable and doesn't challenge me. Maybe it's because I'm surrounded with all familiar things that don't get any new synapses firing. This isn't where I get any of my new ideas.

I get my new ideas while I'm driving, or mowing the lawn, or walking. My problem is that I often don't remember those ideas later when I'm conveniently at my desk. This is probably why some people carry PDAs and laptops. Heck, I carry a PDA. But the PDA isn't much help while you're driving. If i were smart, I'd dig up my handheld tape recorder (it's around here somewhere, but was moved when I set up the new home office). That has worked for me in the past when I was designing online course material. One silly obstacle to that solution is my voice. I hate to hear my voice recorded and played back. I hate the way it sounds. So, when Iím recording my voice (even when Iím alone) Iím self-conscious of what Iím saying. Later, I donít want to listen to what Iíve recorded.

So my entries tend to be very short reminders of my ideas, rather than elaboration (except where elaboration is necessary). Sequential tape is not a good way to organize a bunch of reminders. But Iíd really better dig that tape player up, try to loosen up a bit, and not be so self-conscious.

Posted by James at June 9, 2003 10:01 AM
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