June 3, 2003

On a Roll

- Patti writes, in comments regarding yesterday's story about cheese rolling:

Wouldn't it make more sense to tuck and roll down the hill?  That's what I would do.
I would avise against that.

Once, Maggie and I went sledding on the hills of the Westport town beach. We're not talking huge hills here, but enough for a little slide. At one point, in the excitement of it all, we decided to roll down the hill. You can regulate your rolling speed, but I went for maximum velocity. Once you get to top speed, it's tough to stop yourself until you reach the bottom.

When I made it to the bottom I wanted to die. The world was not only spinning, it seemed like it was inside-out. I came perilously close to vomiting. I quickly placed the experience in the "lessons learned" category.

So, if you are a carefree young lover, or simply full of joie de vivre, feel free to roll down those clover-infested hills. But I warn you - don't go for speed!

Posted by James at June 3, 2003 12:44 PM
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