May 23, 2003

The Cheap Seats - I'm

The Cheap Seats - I'm all for cheaper movie theatre tickets. This takes that to an extreme: Cinema Paradiso it ain't (via BBC).

The people behind EasyJet are applying the no-frills idea to theatre tickets. Even better than cheap tickets, to me, would be a wider availability of independent films. If this could make it worth the money for a theatre to run indie films, I'd love one of these in the neighborhood.

Am I a helpless romantic, however, from feeling that going out to the movies would not be the same without the smell of theatre popcorn? They really should consider at least piping in the scent. Popcorn (or at least the scent) is not an option, it's required.

Posted by James at May 23, 2003 12:40 PM
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