May 19, 2003

Matrix according to Chuck

-Chuck posts the following analysis to the "Magic Online Trading League Bulletin Board"" *SPOILERS!* The Matrix: Reloaded (for those of us who've seen it.)

His analysis is in line with what I think is probably going on in the movie series. I like his observation of cyclic vs catastrophic endings. He's right about computers being cyclic... when they are robust. Of course, non-robust systems (or, systems that encounter input beyond their designed parameters) will often result in catastrophic failure.

An open question his analysis raises, how much can we trust the Wachowskis as an audience to respect the amount of disbelief we've suspended for them? How much will they work within the universe they've already defined? Will they introduce mysticism that didn't exist before, or will they continue to work within a universe that is as similar to our own universe as we have already assumed that the "real earth" of the Matrix is?

Posted by James at May 19, 2003 5:06 PM
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