May 13, 2003

Film Threat

- I'm trying to catalogue all the films in my film library here at home. I'd like to make a more flexible database, but currently I have them in Excel. The html version is here, and also available in the navigation bar under "all me."

Note, that only a very few number of childrens films are listed there (the highlights and the DVDs, I suppose) because we have an overwhelming amount of children's films. I didn't want the catalogue overwhelmed with "Mother Goose 1"... "Mother Goose 2"...

I have some of the entries linked to IMDB for reference.

Yes, I really do own a bunch of Thunderbirds episodes, on VHS and DVD.

By the way - the real Film Threat has its own website.

Posted by James at May 13, 2003 6:35 PM
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