May 8, 2003

Mind Blank

- Must... type... blog... entry...

Heh. Noticed the blog had been silent since Tuesday, so I figured it was time to force myself to post something. So this will be pretty random.

Patti recently was shaking her head at my comments that I read the news to relax. Well, she's right that the news simply does not relax, so that is a stupid idea. I really should have said that it was one of the things I did with my time when I should be relaxing. Some of the stories that come to my attention are nearly worth posting, but I don't have anything intelligent to say about them. Maybe my brain is shrinking.

That brain comment... I'm not kidding. I used to feel like a genius, and now I feel like an idiot. My kids seem awfully smart, and they amaze me daily. How did I get so stupid? Is my brain just hardening? Did it start out like a fresh mozzarella and is now a great, big, hard chunk of parmesan? It certainly feels that way.

I'm too young for it to be Alzheimer's.

Take "Alzheimer's" for example. At first I typed it "alzheimers" and when the spell-checker snagged it, I capitalized it. But that didn't fix the problem. Instead of figuring it out, I had to learn from the spell-checker suggestion that it was possessive. Maybe I'm just lazy.

Mattie's response when asked if she wanted to eat breakfast: "I just want to dance." That's cool with me.

I'm listening to Joseph Arthur. Specifically, his latest album Redemption's Son. I caught it thanks to my coworker Ed and his listening to WMVY.

It was the album of the week on WMVY last week. It turns out they have a cool website, and you can get their live feed from there with Windows Media Player.

Joseph Arthur's stuff is somewhat moody, somewhat peppy in places. It's relaxing to work to. I hear Peter Gabriel discovered him, and although he has a quite distinct style, I can hear why Gabriel got interested. There's a kind of lingering in his music. The lyrics are decent and sparse - not too dense. It lets the music come through. I don't have the musical experience to give it a decent review, but I'm enjoying it.

[UPDATE: By the way - I knew "Alzheimer's" was possessive. The spell-checker merely reminded me.]

Posted by James at May 8, 2003 3:42 PM
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