May 4, 2003

Sushi Overload

- I almost typed "Sushi Overlord" for a second there.

So, for the first time I made sushi for more than just Margaret and myself. Lessons learned: it takes a while to make sushi for 6 adults. The maki pictured to the left represent a fraction of the food that was served, though I did not keep track of the final amount. Sake has a calming effect, but it makes it tough to keep track of exectly what is going on. I knocked over a botle of sushi-su (vinegar) which luckily didn't spill. For this I was accused of having enjoyed too much fermented and distilled beverage, however this was not the case. I had consumed just enough, and the motor function I lack can not easily be explained by alcohol consumption. In other words, Oscar Wilde might say to me "I'll be sober in the morning and you'll still be clumsey." Or something like that.

Sushi derives it's name from the Japanese word for vinegar (su) and "shi" meaning skillfulness of hand. I think I proved that you don't need too much skill to prepare rudimentary sushi. The guests appeared satisfied. There was the customary mess in the kitchen from having prepared something for guests for the first time.

I'll have to remember to tell you about the Asian market I found. Later - now it is time to rest.

Posted by James at May 4, 2003 1:42 AM
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