April 28, 2003

Weekend Roundup

- Some random stuff from the weekend...

I assembled 3 desks, 2 office chairs, disassembled 1 really old desk, dismantled a home network with 4 workstations and assorted peripherals, restored them to working order and sorted through a mess of drawers. It was a productive weekend and it flew by. But finally we have a fairly organized office rather than a mish-mosh of tables and desks.

Maggie was sent a coupon code from Staples, and we used that to buy the chairs, but the first Staples (in Seekonk) we went to refused to take the coupon code because Maggie's email client didn't display HTML and so the graphics hadn't shown up. I argued with the guy for a while and didn't get anywhere (they claimed that the number alone didn't tell them what the discount was), so I went home to print it out with graphics. Turned out there was no way to recover the graphics, so I decided to try a different Staples. I walked into the one in Fall River and told them the whole story. The manager there said "I'll compare this code number to other coupons we've received to verify it." He did it, and I was out of there 10 minutes later with two chairs, some crates and floor mats. Fall River Staples (in the Harbor Mall plaza) has my future business!

Saw some kids in the back of a van, who waved to Kit and me in the car on Friday. Waved back.

On Sunday, Maggie and I skipped breakfast, and for lunch we took the kids to ice cream. Are we bad parents, or just really, really good parents?

Posted by James at April 28, 2003 10:05 AM
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