April 23, 2003

Bleh, bleh, bleh.

- That about sums up my mood.

Getting up late. Not posting on the blog early enough for most of you to read.
(Most of you folks check in around noon. And more people check my blog on Monday than on other days of the week, FYI.)

Bleh, bleh, bleh.

I'm in a little bit of a rut. It's not that bad - at least I'm keeping my exercise up. But I'm a little disorganized. I blame Bull (just a little bit) for giving me Civ III last time he came to poker night. He'd bought an extra copy, so he gave me one. Right now I'm running a Chinese empire, trying to remain in peaceful contact with the Russians and Americans while fighting the ever-dwindling French. The current game is coming to a close, and I'm the clear winner (on the easiest level) but all the war I've been waging has prevented me from getting close to launching space exploration.

Then there's Kings of Chaos. I've gotten a few other people hooked, and the way it works once you get to a certain level is that you have to log in and spend your money before someone beats you up to get it.

On top of that, most of you know that I stay up late watching movies brought to me by Netflix. Last night's selection was Carnival of Souls, a film from 1962 that feels like a really long Twilight Zone episode you feel you've seen before. Even so, I found it enjoyable for a number of reasons. It was moody, and with very few special effects conveyed a sense of the unreal. The makeup was minimalist, but it doesn't matter. The effects were the least creepy thing about this film.

A young girl is the sole survivor of a car wreck, and for the rest of the film, things are not quite right. Yeah - you already think you've seen this premise before. And you have. But it's done here well, if you can look past how the film has aged and has now become somewhat cliched. Candace Hilligoss, the female lead, really does a decent job of looking alternately shellshocked and panicked, except for a few scenes in which she is inexplicably in good spirits.

Is it just this film, or do other films from the 60s give you that feeling of being trapped in an almost familiar (though slightly askew) place and time?

So, I'm probably just tired. But I can't seem to get my thoughts organized.

Posted by James at April 23, 2003 3:31 PM
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