April 17, 2003

Why Code?

- Patti sent me a link to a discussion folks were having on why they code. It came to me that I hadn't really thought about why I code.

If the question is "Why do you code for money?" I think I'd have to say it's part inertia, part that I found I'm good enough that some people want to pay me to do it. There is an element of fun. There is an element of mystery in why a piece of code doesn't work, and a little thrill to solving that mystery. As Maggie tells me I said once in my sleep: "It's a mystery! A conundrum!"

Sure, ther eis the fun of coding from a purely creative point of view, but I don't code much recreational anymore. I havent for a few years (editing a few javascripts doesn't count). And I haven't been able motivate myself to complete any of the little hobby ideas I've had recently. But that's probably more of a time issue. A lot of my stress-relief time is spent watching DVDs, playing games, reading the news, participating in online discussions, and the like. My book-reading has even slowed down quite a bit.

Posted by James at April 17, 2003 12:50 PM
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