April 16, 2003

Two Shovels

- When I left the house this morning it felt like 80 degrees. There are two shovels leaning on the stair.

Two snow shovels had been put away because they were no longer needed. But then, in defeat, they were retrieved from the shed and placed against the stair.

I shook my head the last time I used them, because I had thought I'd seen the last of them for the year. The neighbor across the street was out that day. I yelled to him "This is the last time for a while!" I don't think he heard me. I had to laugh at myself.

But then I didn't put them away. They're just out leaning against the stair. Some of the birds are staring at them - they've never seen these shovels before. One of the shovels is broken. I'm not sure if I will fix it, but I think I can.

No one has stolen my shovels. People aren't out at night much in the winter. Now the nights will be much warmer. Will someone steal my shovels when there is no snow on the ground?

I left them out so they would be handy for the next time it snows. How long are they going to wait.

Posted by James at April 16, 2003 1:58 PM
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