April 14, 2003


- From Maggie:

Mattie's on the toilet and she starts screaming. I go in there. "I ate two carrots today and my poop is stuck. My shit is stuck."

Me: "Yes, okay, that is what shit means, but it's not a very nice word. It offends some people. They might not think you're nice if you say it."

Mattie: "Well, I asked Kierra if she knew what 'shit' means and she didn't say anything."

Me: "Did you tell her?"

Mattie: "Yes, I told her it meant the 'p' word."

Me: "You said 'shit' but you won't say 'poop'?"

Mattie: "Well, we're not allowed to say 'poop' in school."

Posted by James at April 14, 2003 12:41 PM
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