April 8, 2003

On The Third Day He Bombed Again

- I don't know if it's changed since when I was a kid, but I don't remember Easter being about blowing people up.

My father-in-law told my wife that he saw some military weapon-themed Easter baskets at Wal*mart. I had to see for myself. Still getting used to the camera that came with my phone - the picture to the left is the grainy result.

Behind that cellophane are army guys and their weapons of destruc... er, defense.

Anyone who thinks this is an anti-armed-forces post is missing the point. We're in a war and this is an Easter basket with weapons of war in it.

I'll leave to your own mind the conflict between Christ, Holy Week and war, and instead will put it to you thusly:

Imagine some Islamic celebration where (insisting they are the religion of peace) they gave replicas of SCUD missiles and armed soldiers to their children. Get the picture? Get what this says about our culture?

This stuff is dug in deep.

My father-in-law will likely write about his encounter in Wal*mart, and I'll link to it here if that happens.

Posted by James at April 8, 2003 2:58 PM
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