March 29, 2003

Kings of Chaos

- Help Me Build My Army.

I'm playing this silly online game called "Kings Of Chaos." If you click my recruit link and join up, you will help me build my army, which is part of a larger army. Once you join, let me know and I'll send you the link to the larger army's hierarchy page.

If you just click the link for the heck of it and sign up, you need do no more. But if you find it to be fun, you can try recruiting your own folks, fight battles for money, etc. I'm not much good at networking, so my army is growing very slowly thus far. It's a pyramid scheme kind-of-thing, except instead of real money it's fake money and orcs.

A silly diversion from real war, but welcome at this point.

Here are the instructions from the website:

In Kings of Chaos, you are a warlord controlling an army and attempting to become the most powerful force in Middle-earth. You can choose your race, either humans, elves, dwarves, or orcs. Once you choose your race, you cannot change it for the duration of the age, so choose wisely.
You build your army by sending people your unique link (found in your profile page). If they click on the link, they will be recruited into your army!

If someone joins from your link page, they will become one of your officers, and when their army grows your army will get extra recruits. Also, your army will help them when they are being attacked.

Every game turn (30 minutes), you will generate money. The amount of money you generate is based on the size of your army. The larger your army, the more money you will make by using it to pillaging the surrounding countryside.

Use your money to buy weapons from the Armory. Weapons make your forces stronger by giving them attack and defense bonuses.

When you want to attack someone, the number of attack turns you use determines how much money you will plunder if you win. Use attacks wisely though, as you only get 1 every 30 minutes. Different races have different bonuses. Keep this in mind when choosing your race.

So, you don't have to join as one of my officers to help, just clicking on my recruit link helps. But joining is good, too.

I'll eventually add my KOC link somewhere semi-permanent on this page, for convenience.

Posted by James at March 29, 2003 11:49 AM
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