March 21, 2003

The Human Body

- Last weekend I took the kids to see a new IMAX film called The Human Body.

Mattie spent most of the time with her hands over her eyes. Kit was fascinated by the heart pumping and remarked "I didn't know my heart was so loud!" Both enjoyed the part of the film dealing with babies and reproduction.

The film uses CGI and other methods to illustrate the processes at work in the human body. Among them, the skeleton, respiration and circulation, the reproductive cycle, digestion, and how neurons fire. There is probably little new here in the way of facts for longtime documentary enthusiasts, though one or two facts were new to me. What's special is the presentation, which is superb. It's a little gross at times, but very well done, as many IMAX films are.

In the previews we were treated to a trailer of the new Titanic IMAX film, done by James Cameron and a crew of explorers who go down to film the actual wreckage. They take actor Bill Paxton along with them. Game over, man!

Posted by James at March 21, 2003 12:31 AM
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