March 20, 2003

Exciting War Coverage!!!!

USA Today reports that Iraq war could herald a new age of Web-based news coverage.

This time, reporters and producers with wireless laptops and handheld digital cameras will file reports from battlefields and military installations. Cameras are at key locations for live feeds 24 hours a day. Interactive, 3-D maps will update troop movements, casualties and weapons used.

Wow, I can see all the nifty little web-based video, JavaScript and Flash animations that we'll be treated too.

Hey, I have a great idea. How about a script that allows you to click a button and display a picture and bio of your own dead Iraqi civilian. Every person who clicks gets a name and a face of a civilian casualty. That would impress me.

Although it should be obvious that I have the members of our armed forces best interest in mind (since i don't want them over there in the first place) since this war has begun I hope that they return home both safely and soon.

Posted by James at March 20, 2003 4:58 PM
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