March 15, 2003

War Roundup

- There are so many important stories flying by now about the war that I'm just going to point to them briefly in one post.

The forged nuclear documents story is heating up. This was the evidence cited by both Powell to the UN and Bush in the State of the Union. "Obvious forgery" is the term being used now.

Kerry is getting his shots in. "What I regret is that the United States of America, the strongest military power on the face of this planet, has not had diplomacy that matches it. In fact, it has had some of the weakest diplomacy that we have ever seen in the history of the conduct of this nation."

Is this war going to be good for the economy? Ask George Soros. He says "The deficit policy that we are now pursuing is a very dangerous one. Not in the near term -- because as long as the economy is languishing there is no negative effect on interest rates. But the moment the economy shows signs of life, interest rates would jump because of the budget deficit and choke off the recovery," Known for his financial acumen, Soros' comments echo sentiments I have heard elsewhere. What gets me is the title of this Reuter's story "Soros Predicts Brief War Rally." To more accurately reflect the story, it ought to say something like "Soros Predicts All-Too-Brief War Rally."

Last, but not least: you want a rebuttal to the hawks? You got it. This, brought to you by the New America Foundation, called by The Economist "The Brightest American Thinkers Under 40."

Posted by James at March 15, 2003 5:10 PM
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