March 6, 2003

There Have To Be Limits...

There Have To Be Limits... - I remember being puzzled back when Bush said "There ought to be limits to freedom". What limits? Which freedoms? Of course, he was talking about a specific website.

But some people have taken his idea and run with it. Yahoo! News - Mall Wants to Drop Peace T-Shirt Charges. Yes, the mall that booted a guy and his son for wearing peace-themed T-shirts (and had them arrested) is now sorry. Whoops! Imagine their confusion. "What? Peace is an OK thing now? Will someone please give me the playbook - I swear I heard the president say war was the way to go. C'mon folks! What happened to with us or against us!!!??"
Shocked that anyone would be shocked at their actions, the mall is now dropping charges as it tries to figure out what is best for commerce. The peace t-shirts are bad for duct tape sales, but national news coverage is worse for everything else.

Be careful - you don't want to be caught yelling "PEACE" in a crowded mall.

Posted by James at March 6, 2003 8:38 AM
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