February 6, 2003

- Audition - When

- Audition - When Aoyama decides to stage an audition to find the woman of his dreams (under the pretense of making a movie) what he finds is a woman who is, perhaps, too good to be true. At first he is smitten with the demure and pretty Asami, and then a bit obsessed. But why don't any of her references pan out? Is this a love story, a dream, or an hallucenation? The only thing you can trust is pain, a lesson that may be harder to learn for Aoyama than he bargained for. Takashi Miike has created a fairytale gone horribly wrong, to the point where it will likely turn your stomach before the storybook closes. Look closely at Aoyama's face in the last scene of the film and wonder, just what is going through his head behind those still longing eyes... Not for the faint of heart.

Posted by James at February 6, 2003 12:38 PM
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