January 6, 2003

Back to Boston - We're

Back to Boston - We're taking my younger daughter back to Boston for treatment of her disease. As some of you may know, she suffers from Juvenile Dermatomyositis. We've decided to use the same doctor that this little girl has been seeing. We've lost doctors twice now, and our current doctor was not a good fit with us. Plus, i will fee better at Children's Hospital Boston.

I have to add, however, that our treatment at Providence's Hasbro Children's Hospital was excellent. Paula, the nurse who we had the most close contact with, was extremely delightful to deal with - a real pleasure. And the phlebotomy folks at Providence was always extremely sensitive and competent. Hasbro is the hospital our pediatrician is associated with, so that's where we go wheneve the children need hospitalization, which has happened on occasion. I'm glad we have Hasbro so close by, and also glad we have the option of going to Boston.

Posted by James at January 6, 2003 11:41 AM
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