October 22, 2002

- Before you die,

- Before you die, you see the Ring - Yeah, I went to see the Ring, that new horror movie. I saw it on Saturday at a midnight show. I thought it was very creepy and definitely worth the admission price if you like weird horror films with a touch of mystery.

The film involves an urban legend regarding a videotape which, once it has been viewed, somehow kills the viewer seven days later. Is the legend true? What's going on?

You can view the actual videotape footage (which doesn't actually make much sense) at IFILM where it is called An Open Letter. I think the name of the movie changed, and perhaps that was the original title. In any case, I recommend you see the movie, then go to iFilm some night when you are at home alone and re-watch the notorious video footage. I dare you not to get a little creeped out, thinking you might hear the phone ring... (But see the movie first for maximum effect.)

Posted by James at October 22, 2002 11:17 PM
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