September 10, 2002

Just plain lying - Cheney

Just plain lying - Cheney is on Sunday Morning news shows growling and straining like a man who is ignoring his prescribed high-fibre diet. Not only that, but he is on the attack, slapping the label "reprehensible" on the folks who think that the Bush administration manipulates the timing on the release of information, specifically their information regarding Iraq's capabilities.

The assumption that Bush is doing somehting fishy is almost a no-brainer alone. This administration with a mind for sneaky "strategery" (to steal an SNL word) couldn't resist a dirty trick if it wanted to.

However, what makes this attack particularly sweet is that Card and Rove confirmed earlier in the week that the administration thinks about the president as a product, and thinks about releasing information as a marketing problem. And, in this particular instance, they were on record saying that "you don't introduce new products in August."

Check it out: No Crawfishing From a Unique Vernacular (

Posted by James at September 10, 2002 12:18 PM
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