August 28, 2002

The Daily Howler - It's

The Daily Howler - It's a site which calls out and catalogues blunders in the press. The entry for Monday was: "The WashTimes slandered the NEA. Your pundits, bought off, just don't care" In this installment they point out how some nationally respected pundits have claimed that the NEA website set up to help teachers deal with the 9/11 tragedy is some sort of subversive plot. The site is actually full of speeches by Bush himself and what looks to be some pretty supportive stuff. But through the magic of selective reasoning, quotes are taken out of context to twist the meaning of the site.

I haven't ever checked the Howler regularly, but it appears it might be a good place to stop by once a week or so.

Posted by James at August 28, 2002 10:01 AM
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