August 8, 2002

The King of Weird News

The King of Weird News - If you enjoy Reuters "Oddly Enough" section, imagine that turned up a notch. Daily Rotten: Weird News seems to get even weirder news (and sometimes, a little more disgusting news) than the Reuters folks. I don't know who is compiling ths stuff, but here's a smattering of their current stories just for example:

John Winter Smith has a dream: to visit every single Starbucks coffee shop on the planet.

Soccer coach decks 12 year old girl

India's face-snatching epidemic

Tourists get Texas urine shower

(Warning: the other parts of "Rotten" are pretty disturbing, so don't wander too far if you have a weak stomach. And I mean that.)

Posted by James at August 8, 2002 3:29 PM
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