July 29, 2002

Gastronomic Weekend - Well,

Gastronomic Weekend - Well, this was the weekend for new foods. As I mentioned previously, last week was the Black Ships Festival. We go to Newport for this event just about every year to see the taiko drums and other festivities. In years past we’ve had some pretty memorable moments. There was the time we rolled into Vanderbilts in the Hotel Viking covered in dust from a day of walking Newport. We didn’t fit in, but we really made ourselves stand out by being a bit too happy for the venue. When the waiter asked Mike what kind of starch he’d like with his meal, Mike replied “Starch!?” in the most innocent, quizzical and surprised voice – and the waiter was at a loss for how to answer.

This last weekend we enjoyed Japanese fighting kites for the first time while local dojos showed off the moves of their best students in a variety of martial arts. All this, and the taiko drum show, took place in Newport’s under-reconstruction Fort Adams.

Sumo Sushi – a popular sushi bar in Newport – was there with a cart selling California maki rolls. Maggie and I tried them and a new passion was born. I knew I was going to have to try more sushi, but also was going to have to try to make it myself. My first attempt was crabmeat and cucumber, and we’re very pleased with the result.

I’ve made a bunch more now and am taking them around to have other people sample them. We’ll get some 3rd party opinions. Anyone out there like sushi?

On Sunday of this weekend we decided to start adding more Omega 3’s to our diet with salmon. Never having cooked it before, I consulted some friends at EAForums who always seem to have a good recommendation or two no matter what the subject. On their recommendation I sautéed the fish in lots of garlic and ginger, with a teriyaki sauce. Served with zucchini and onion stir fry, it was pretty amazing, The crust that the garlic made on the surface of the salmon was melt-in-your-mouth good. When are some of you folks coming down for dinner? I can work out a menu that will knock your socks off.

Posted by James at July 29, 2002 2:40 AM
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