June 26, 2002

DynCorp story almost ready to

DynCorp story almost ready to be told? - In the first week of this blog I mentioned the DynCorp story, which seems completely invisible in the media. This is the story of military contractor DynCorp employees buying and selling underage sex slaves in Bosnia, and Ben Johnson getting fired for blowing the whistle. Well, the story finally seems to be hitting these shores to some extent, at least in Salon magazine. I still have to wonder, where are the major media outlets on this story?

Salon's story is a premium only feature, and I am not a premium member. Here you can read Ben Johnson's statement to the House International operations and Human rights sub committee. It's on the House website. See the earlier blog entry referenced above for background.

Posted by James at June 26, 2002 12:12 PM
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