May 31, 2002

Upsetting events in Bahrain -

Upsetting events in Bahrain - Things are heating up in Bahrain, and this worries me bacause I have family stationed there. But aside from that I wonder if this is a barometer of sentiment toward the US.
Early this week there was an incident in which a US Sailor and his Ethiopian bride were attacked and injured by a crowd of Bahraini civilians. Apparently, the incident started over a business transaction but quickly turned ugly. The brawl ignited an anti-US protest.

Now an official apology is being sought.

While the Americans there (there are thousands) report that the infrequent personal interactions between Americans and Bahraini citizens have not become strained, there are many indicators that, politically, anti-US and anti-Israel sentiment is growing.


Posted by James at May 31, 2002 12:46 PM
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