May 30, 2002

UPDATE on the previous story

UPDATE on the previous story - The following was part of a CNN article on the issue:

Oliver "Buck" Revell, ex-associate director of the FBI, said critics can't have it both ways -- faulting the agency for not doing enough to thwart terrorist attacks, but complaining when the agency turns to more aggressive information-gathering techniques.

"Some of these activities will be chilling, there's no question of it," Revell said. "But if the public expects and if the Congress expects there to be prevention of terror activities, there's going to have to be the collection of information, and that collection at times will certainly be problematic to people's concerns."

I say: Bull. The point of the criticism is that they had the information. It's nice spin on their part, but they're missing the point entirely.

Posted by James at May 30, 2002 8:06 PM
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