May 22, 2002

T.V. On the Rise -

T.V. On the Rise - Something came to me while I was exercising this morning in front of the recorded season finale of "24" (which I thought was excellent, by the way). The season finales of "24" and (yes) of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" were better written and executed than SW -EpII : Attack of the Clones. And (horrors) perhaps even better than Spider-man (the movie).

Is it because TV has time to create characters we get invested in? There is also time to set up depth. For instance, (don't go away on me here, but there are spoilers) Buffy was resurrected at the beginning of this season and we learn that she was at peace while she was dead. She didn't really want to be back among the suffering living. At the end of this season finale, she and her sister climb out of a hole in a graveyard. She is climbing out of the grave metaphorically and physically because she has regained a will to participate in her life and the life of her sister. Previously, she was pulled out, this time it is a choice.

In a film, this detail would have to be pointed out to us because an action film can't afford to let that go to the viewer. Movie scripts want you to know right away that they are being clever. In the TV series, there is enough richness that the metaphor does not have to be spelled out for you to admire. The writers are willing to let you catch on or not, and enjoy it at your own level.

Posted by James at May 22, 2002 12:22 PM
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