May 8, 2002

Top Secret Recipes - I

Top Secret Recipes - I stumbled into "Top Secret Recipes" back when I was looking for a recipe to emulate the ever-popular "Orange Julius." I found a book by auther and food enthusiast Todd Wilbur which contained a copycat recipe. It wasn't bad, and with some modifications I was making decent Orange Julius clones at home.

Since then, I've bought 2 of his books. I've visited his website (Top Secret Recipes on the Web) a number of times. The guy has a great number of clone recipes you can download for free there, and you can sign up for new recipes that appear on the site but are not archived.

One of my all-time favorite clone recipes is a Cinnabon copycat that was extremely true to the original (although I like to think that my modifications have improved it beyond the original). Making copycat recipes is fun and it feels sneaky.

Posted by James at May 8, 2002 10:55 AM
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