May 6, 2002

[ENTERTAINMENT] - Spider-Man breaks Box

[ENTERTAINMENT] - Spider-Man breaks Box Office Records -In its first weekend, the new Sam Raimi-directed "Spider-Man" has pulled in a record breaking $114 million dollars - the first movie to ever make more than $100 million in one weekend. "Harry Potter" had the previous record with paltry $90.3 million.It also broke a number of other records, details at: Reuters | Batman who?
So, how was the movie? Maggie and I saw it on Sunday and we both thoroughly enjoyed the film. Maguire does a great job capturing the spirit of Peter Parker. While the film has its stunning SPFX, it chooses to be much more of a story about people than other super hero films. And what better character than Spider-Man for such a film? The super hero for whom nothing ever goes right, for whom nothing is simple.

I recommend the film as an action movie with heart, and I'm excited to read these box office results. They increase the likelyhood we will see a sequel. I hope they stick with Raimi as director. His fingerprints were all over the film.

Posted by James at May 6, 2002 2:34 AM
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