April 22, 2002

[ENTERTAINMENT] - Riddle me this,

[ENTERTAINMENT] - Riddle me this, Batman! - Looks like TVLand now has the old Batman series. For many of us, this series left an indelible mark on our childhoods. TVLand will be running a marathon of episodes on Monday the 29th of April. TVLand sums up the series thusly:

There was drama and conflict galore between the forces of good and evil, but the series essentially came down to two burning questions: 1) Will young Master Dick Grayson remember to be polite?; and 2) Will Batman lose the struggle against his libidinous desires for Catwoman?
Indeed. TVLand Batman (Note: TVLand is a noisy website - be warned) Posted by James at April 22, 2002 10:25 AM
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