March 8, 2002

[SCIENCE] - Oops! Who says

[SCIENCE] - Oops! Who says science isn't self-correcting? - Recently, when some scientists announced that the universe was (overall) a turquoise color, they ment it to simply be a fun side detail in an otherwise serious report. Of course, colors are much more exciting than scientific numbers and measurements, so the media took the story and ran with it. But it turns out that the software doing the analysis was used incorrectly. The universe is actually more of an off-white cream color.

Perhaps this disturbs some people, but I find it reassuring that they are so willing to admit their mistake. Not everybody is like that.

For example, Enron has admitted that they spent at least 3 times the money they previously had acknowledged lobbying the White House and congress. I'm willing to bet that their clarification has something to do with how Bush has abandoned them. Still, no one at Enron is willing to sign off on this new announcement.

Posted by James at March 8, 2002 3:37 PM
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