March 5, 2002

[HUMOR] - John Ashcroft -

[HUMOR] - John Ashcroft - Swingin' Attorney General?
Ashcroft Sings. Here we have the Smoking Gun website distributing mp3s of the Attorney General putting his whole heart and soul into a rousing tune - "Blessed Be That City."
While I appreciate his anti-materialistic message, I have to scratch my head at verses like:

We got hot-shot jocks explainin'
How eatin' right and trainin'
Gonna save you from yourself and make you free.

I thought eating right just made you healthy. Then again, I'm not one to listen to "hot-shot jocks, " so...
At any rate, the guy's voice isn't half bad. I would encourage the man to quit public servitude and seek opportunities in a boy band.
(While we're doing singing politicians, let's not leave out Jim Jeffords and The Singing Senators.)

Posted by James at March 5, 2002 4:27 PM
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