March 3, 2002

[HUMOR] - Art for the

[HUMOR] - Art for the lowest moments - The Museum of Depressionist Art is a collection of... well, let me allow it to describe itself:

As all collections profit from a common theme, the Mumblestoats decided to specialize in the art of the Depressionist school, which most other museums rejected as being too miserable, dejected and hopeless to warrant space on a wall.

Depressionism, according to the landmark Johnson & Jansen "Big Book o' Art Stuff," is not limited to a single place or time. Instead it reflects the low point of an otherwise highly regarded artist's career.

One of my faves from the collection is Young Girl With An Attitude. And who could forget The Heartbreak of Genetic Engineering.

Posted by James at March 3, 2002 3:18 AM
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