February 22, 2002

[TERRORISM] - Anthrax Source -

[TERRORISM] - Anthrax Source - A UK paper is reporting that the FBI has identified the person who sent the anthrax letters late last year. We've heard precious little on this story - especially considering we have a new homeland security organization in place.

Is the FBI intentionally keeping the wraps on this story as some speculate? The Federation of American Scientists have put together an analysis of the letters which is very interesting. A quote from the introduction:

The perpetrator is surely too smart to believe that either the FBIís ludicrous recent actions or the White House protestations of ignorance mean that the authorities are not on to him.† Blanketing Central New Jersey with fliers showing handwriting that was obviously disguised canít possibly evoke useful information, nor can letters to 32,000 American microbiologists, 31,800 of whom live in a different world from the perpetrator.† This is no way to instill public confidence in the competence of the FBI.†[...] Most importantly, the apparent lack of action is sending a dangerous message to potential bioterrorists.

Posted by James at February 22, 2002 3:23 PM
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