February 14, 2002

[PERSONAL] - Maggie got bit

[PERSONAL] - Maggie got bit by a dog while running today. A woman was walking two dogs, Maggie jumped off the sidewalk to run by them and then as she was returning to the sidewalk the dog leapt back at her and bit her arm. The dog did break the skin, just barely, which she didn't realize until she got home. The site is slightly swollen and bruised, and now she gets to go to the ER and get a tetanus shot.

I guess we're going to learn something about how the dog officer works in town. Hopefully the police will be able to locate the woman and find out whether the dog has had its shots. No shots means Maggie starts on a rabies treatment course. That's not a lot of fun, from what I hear.

Incidentally, the other dog that the woman had on a lead was wearing a muzzle, so there may be a history with these dogs. Here is some information on animal bites.

Posted by James at February 14, 2002 5:04 PM
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