January 29, 2002

[IRONY] - Ashcroft vs. Mammaries

[IRONY] - Ashcroft vs. Mammaries Yes, it's true. John Ashcroft spent $8K to cover up the exposed breast of an art deco statue in the Justice Department building. Apparently he got sick of looking at it and objected to photographers framing him in pictures with it. Here are some articles about it (links may go stale after a week): ABCNEWS.com : Beverley Lumpkin: Halls of Justice | Is Ashcroft Behind Cover-up

Quick visual quiz of the day: How many boobs are exposed in this picture?:

Attorney General John Ashcroft - boob in background or foreground?

Challenge of the day: Come up with a caption for this picture and post it to the forum.

Posted by James at January 29, 2002 10:31 AM
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