January 28, 2002

[REPORTING] - Tolkein dissed by

[REPORTING] - Tolkein dissed by NYT? If you check out Boston.com's bestseller paperback fiction, you'll notice that Tolkein's works are among the top sellers. See: Boston.com / A&E / Books. Since that list will change, I'll repeat it here: LotR is #6. Fellowship is #8. There are a couple of Harry Potter books in there, too.

However, check out NYT Books and you'll find that Tolkein is nowhere to be found. Why the discrepancy? Are Tolkein's works currently bestsellers, or aren't they? Thanks to Patti Maguire for pointing this out, and also mentioning that Publisher's Weekly also lists Tolkein as in the bestseller list.

Posted by James at January 28, 2002 4:19 PM
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