January 24, 2002

[OUTRAGE] - Harry Potter is

[OUTRAGE] - Harry Potter is Evil - You have got to be kidding me. The AP reports that a police department in Penryn, PA has refused to assist with a YMCA triathalon because in the past that YMCA has read Harry Potter to children as part of an after school reading program.

This kind of pure, unadulterated stupidity really gets me going in the morning. The police department - the police department (a civil department, not a church or religious organization, mind you) is refusing to assist the Young Men's Christian Association triathalon because they question whether the YMCA is serving the will of God.

Dear Penryn PD, Since you apparently don't have the intellectual capital available to buy a clue, here is one for free: Is opposing reading programs and athletic activities serving the will of God? You'd hate to see people reading and exercising. Better that they find other after-school activities to engage in like, oh, I dunno, all those fun peer-pressure type vices.

In honor of this story I am awarding the first ever Aces Full of Links ignominious award, the Four-Flush of Disgrace.

Posted by James at January 24, 2002 11:48 AM
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