January 19, 2002

[UPDATE] - An update on

[UPDATE] - An update on that "Coincidence Design" website which I mentioned earlier. The Register has this article on it: Get your future wife stalked for just $78,000. Julie mentions that her company's web software blocks access to the site and Bob S. noted that although the site claims to be a company in Chicago, the domain is registered to someone in Texas. Here's the whois info:

Coincidence Design Inc.
2001 Bryan Tower Suite 3915
Dallas, TX 75201

Registrar: Dotster (http://www.dotster.com)
Created on: 10-AUG-00
Expires on: 10-AUG-02
Last Updated on: 10-AUG-00

Administrative Contact:
Bourne, Jason bourne@coincidencedesign.com
Coincidence Design Inc
2001 Bryan Tower Suite 3915
Dallas, TX 75201

It may be of interest that "Jason Bourne" is the main character in a series of Ludlum novels about a man who has lost his identity. An upcoming Matt Damon movie is based on these novels. Is there some weird movie marketing thing going on?

Posted by James at January 19, 2002 1:37 PM
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