January 17, 2002

[OUTRAGE] - DynCorp Executives and

[OUTRAGE] - DynCorp Executives and their Sex Slaves - Does DynCorp have a corporate culture which allows its employees to buy and sell local children as sex slaves? This company was sent to Bosnia to support and maintain military hardware. But apparently they are doing much more than that, including trading in weapons and girls. Insight on the News has the story. This quote from the attorney or a man who was fired, ostensibly for blowing the whistle:

"...you've got employees of U.S. contractors in bed with the local mafia and buying kids for sex! That these guys have some kind of immunity from prosecution is morally outrageous. How can men be allowed to get away with rape simply because of location?"

More references to DynCorp's troubles appeared in the Guardian Unlimited last July. Considering some of the stupid news stories that make the headlines, what happened to this story? ABC, NBC, CNN, hello?

Posted by James at January 17, 2002 5:54 PM
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