January 15, 2002

Michael Moore's new book was

Michael Moore's new book was under consideration to be scrapped?

Publisher's Weekly reports that Moore's book - which was all ready for it's September 11 release, is rotting away in the warehouse and will probably never see the light of day. Is it that the criticisms within are not valid (or no longer valid)? I doubt that's it.

With the collapse of Enron and the ensuing mess, it appears to me that Moore's brand of corporate and government scrutiny has its case ready-made. Why, when we perhaps need it most, is it no longer appropriate to point out the flaws of these powerful organizations?

Perhaps Moore has had enough of riteous criticism after the tounge-lashing he received following the blame that was wrongly laid at his feet (and Ralph Nader's feet) in the aftermath of the election fiasco. All the more shame on those short-sighted people who blamed anyone but Gore for his presidential loss.

I'm told that the book will be published after all. Good news, but really! Are we better off pulling a flag over our heads and hiding than trying to shed some light on the subject of corporate greed and imcompetence?

Posted by James at January 15, 2002 4:48 PM
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