June 19, 2003

Lemon Aid

LemonIn this story from Naples, the police shut down a 6 year-old girl's lemonade stand. The law is the law, I suppose, and once she had been reported by a neighbor the police really had to perform their duty. I'm sure the officers felt bad about it (and one of them actually bought lemonade).

The story has a happy ending, because the city issued the girl a free permit to run her stand. That is excellent, and kudos to them.

But what gets me is that someone reported them in the first place. Now, I can understand how disruptive children can be. I live with a couple of them myself. But if they were in their own driveway, what's the harm? Apart from that, what you teach these kids is what's going to come back out of them later in life. How about a little compassion? (link: Naples Daily News)

Posted by James at June 19, 2003 3:07 PM
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When I was about 5 or 6, my best friend Steve and I would sell rocks in front of my house. One teen from up the street wanted to know if we had any moon rocks. I'm still not sure if he was joking--he was quite strange (he was caught setting fires at a business near my neighborhood). This charming fellow is now the head of the Massachusetts chapter of Operation Rescue. You can understand why I've chosen not to have your blog remember my personal information--they're crazy.

On certain days, we would sell freshly-picked wild flowers (or pretty weeds), and focus on the men in the neighborhood when they came home from work.

We weren't terribly successful monitarily, but it was fun when the neighbors would stop and chat. Nobody exhorted the cops to shut us down, either. Sheesh!

Posted by: Ceridwen at June 19, 2003 3:49 PM

Hm. I guess having the blog remember my personal info is just for my convenience, not so that it won't display. Let's try this agian.

Posted by: Ceridwen at June 19, 2003 3:51 PM

I patronize lemonade stands every chance I get. The donation system is the best way to do it.

Poor kid. Fark has a special category for these stories. I'm surprised they didn't use it for this one. http://img.fark.com/images/2002/topics/florida.gif

Posted by: Mike at June 19, 2003 3:52 PM

I should clarify my previous comments: The fire bug is the _brother_ of the head of ORMA. Want to be fair, here.

Those poor kids. I make a habit of supporting independently owned establishments, so I'd be right there buying lots o' lemonade from these kids if I were anywhere near Naples, FL.

Say, do you suppose the people who turned them in are a gang of rival lemonade sellers? Hmm...

Posted by: Ceridwen at June 19, 2003 4:17 PM

I think it was someone who has forgotten what it's like to be a kid.

Posted by: JP at June 20, 2003 9:00 AM

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