June 30, 2003

100% B.S.

I was in The Christmas Tree Shop yesterday (the one in Newport) and looking at some of the sun care products. (Incidentally, Christmas Tree Shops do have some really good bargains, as their ads profess)

I saw a few different brands of "Aloe Vera Gel" (presumably to treat sun-damaged skin. Naturally, I wanted the product with the most active ingredient for the least price, and I noticed that a number of the containers actually listed "water" as their primary ingredient. Sure, it was pure, deionized water, but, really.

So I picked up one tube that claimed "Made with 98% Aloe Vera," and that sounded like pretty much what I wanted! Of course, as soon as I read the label I realized that it wasn't comprised of 98% Aloe Vera. Rather one of its ingredients was 98% Aloe Vera. The third ingredient on the list.

Always read the label.

Posted by James at June 30, 2003 9:57 AM
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