July 6, 2003

Robot Phonebook

Here's a neat tip that may get people to run AOL Instant Messenger.

AOL runs a bot on their service that will take commands and give you phone numbers. Just add "AOLYellowPages" to your buddy list. Whenever you want to look up a listing, just send the name as an instant message. You can also send "help" to ask for instructions on what the options are.

The bot also provides links to maps, and address information. This service works with any AOL Instant Message-compatible program (I've tried it on Trillian and MacOS Chat). Nifty!

Posted by James at July 6, 2003 2:37 PM
Create Social Bookmark Links

Type a phone number without dashes into Google and you'll get the same information. The same goes for maps. Type an address in the form of "15 main street, hyannis, ma" and Google's first link will be a map to that address.

Posted by: Mike at July 6, 2003 5:08 PM

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