July 16, 2003

Pat Robertson - Push It Real Good

Pat Robertson reacts to Supreme Court Ruling

Pat Robertson "Phoot!"

Pat Robertson has decided that he's lost faith in our system of government. Instead, he's turning to his faith to pray conservatives onto the Supreme Court. This is a reaction to the court striking down that Texas anti-sodomy law, of course. I must have missed the part in the Bible where it says that everything that's a sin also has to be against the law. That sure takes the pressure off the religion. Let the government's police force enforce the laws of your faith. Is it out of style yet to compare Robertson to a theocracy we've recently bombed? Probably showing my age.

We can't rely on morals and personal responsibility to govern our actions, can we? I mean, look at the example our president is setting. AWOL during his National Guard years, claims he's all for personal responsibility in the White House when he's on the campaign trail, and when he's caught in a lie he blameshifts with the best of them. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

I can't wait to see what happens if the economy remains sluggish for the rest of his term. "Oh - the Brittish told us a tax cut was going to solve all our problems. And the CIA didn't warn us enough times that it was ridiculous."

But, back to Robertson.

He apparently can't stand that there are people who think differently than he does, and act differently in the privacy of their own relationships. Of course he doesn't trust them to act morally because he can't accept a common moral ground. It's his ground, or no ground.

Pray all you want, Pat. But I'm thinking you'd better pray that the Democrats don't get their act together. Their futures are starting to look a little bit brighter. If you're interested, here's a link to a related CNN story. Warning, my picture is better.

Posted by James at July 16, 2003 2:29 AM
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Crivens! He's ready for a good kickin'!

Posted by: Patti M. at July 16, 2003 9:07 AM

*laugh* Nice Photoshop work.

I know we're always patting each other on the backs here but I can't help but agree. Why are people so threatened by others who are different? Why do they think they need to break up other families to preserve their own?

Posted by: Mike at July 16, 2003 10:13 AM

Nothing wrong with a little mutual admiration society. I made this pic after visiting one of your links. http://www.curiousfrog.com/links/archives/2003_07.html

One of the great things about this blogging stuff is the ability to keep riffing on something your friend saw. Trackback is supposed to help with that, but I don't see the promise of trackback working out just yet. (Maybe not enough people are reading my blog ;-) )

But, part of the fun with hanging out with friends (or even hanging out in IM) is freeform joking. With blogs you can still do it, with a little more thought, and for everyone to see.

Posted by: JP at July 16, 2003 10:32 AM

I never know whether to e-mail a reply or post a comment. So I'll do both...

I also think Trackback is fine if a little overrated. I recently combined comments and trackbacks into one window with a little plugin called SimpleComments. One less link to display after each entry...


Posted by: Mike at July 16, 2003 10:44 AM

Sometimes it's better to email first. Then you don't lose your comment and forget what you wrote. Which I just did.

Anyhow, there are a lot of nifty MT plugins, aren't there?

And some things that aren't plugins. Mike James of "Trwad Lightly" sent me this for having a link on your entries that will allow you to edit your entries directly from the blog index:

Posted by: JP at July 16, 2003 12:42 PM

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