July 22, 2003

Sorting The News

In the ever-expanding search to manage news content and save time whiole getting the best news stories, my new find is Memigo.

Memigo, in its own words:

Memigo is a website for news junkies. Technically, memigo is an intelligent news agent: it goes out on the internet and it finds news articles, stories and editorials from "trusted", high quality sources. When you log in to memigo as a registered user (try it: it's free and anonymous), memigo will give you its idea of the best links of the past 24 hours or more. Unlike a news or weblog aggregator (like NewsIsFree, Syndic8, Blogdex or Daypop), memigo tries to guess what news you personally will be most interested in.

It also allows you to submit links for review, which will then get rated. I'm trying it out today to see where it leads.

Posted by James at July 22, 2003 9:53 AM
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