August 4, 2003

Vacation (read: work) Begins

The vacation officially began last Friday, but it felt like it began yesterday as I took up the shovel and pick axe and began to move some dirt. Unwisely, I chose to work in the early afternoon, at the height of the heat and humidity. Sunscreen saved me from a nasty burn, but tossing shovels-full of dirt into a wheelbarrow and moving them across the yard quickly wore me out. Is it just me, or does the beating sun sap your energy like a big ole cheery vampire?

Caught the neighbor chick camped out on her porch watching. Having put on a few pounds since I stopped running, this was undesirable attention. However, after one of my trips behind the house she thankfully found something better to do. I don’t know how many loads of dirt I moved, but it was fewer than I had hoped – I know that much. The good news is that it looks like I will definitely be able to move that dirt pile once and for all.

I had planned on getting this site’s new layout in place over the weekend, but real-life tasks have come to the fore. I have new graphics and have made progress on a decent layout, but the font sizes and sidebar need to be tweaked before they are ready for prime time. Stay tuned for that.

It looks like I’ll be able to take advantage of this time off and start our kitchen renovations. The plans we have are much simpler than what we had previously envisioned and we’ll be able to do nearly all of the work ourselves, saving considerable $$$ in the process. By December, we will have a larger and more convenient to use kitchen.

Coincidentally, our appliances are on strike, since they know they will be replaced soon. The oven decided to release a bunch of gas and failed to get up to the required temperature while I was trying to make pretzels yesterday (luckily, I finished them in the broiler). The dishwasher dumped a few gallons of water on the floor which leaked under the baseboard and shorted out the circuit that the refrigerator is on. ZZZZZT. The smell of ozone and the loud zapping sounds convinced me not to turn the circuit back on until it dried off. So, yeah, we’re shopping for appliances.

I think I’d better mow the lawn before it rains again…

Posted by James at August 4, 2003 10:12 AM
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