August 8, 2003

Wiring and Plumbing

Kitchen Renovations continue with a new set of pictures of the work we're doing. Kitchen Renovations 2 is the second page of this chronicle.

In this exciting episode, a leak is found in the heating system! When you start doing renovations on your house, you always find stuff that needs to be fixed. That's one of the many hazards. The other is possibly dropping a radiator on your foot. The radiator one is, hypothetically, worse.

Posted by James at August 8, 2003 1:57 AM
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Your renovations sound like an adventure. Best of luck with them. I'm off all of next week so if you need any unskilled labor to lift, move or hold things I'm happy to drive down.

Posted by: Mike at August 8, 2003 2:38 PM

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